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Edea E-Spinner

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Product Overview

Edea E-Spinner

The Edea E-Spinner adds a new aspect to off-ice spinner training and practice.  In addition to practicing their spins, skaters can now practice jumps by incorporating the use of elastic bands to prevent slipping.  

In addition to the bands, what makes the Edea E-Spinner ideal for advanced skaters is 

  • A higher rocker for improved spinning and better balance
  • The higher curve profile leads to better edges and greater spin speed
  • The rotation point has been moved forward for a more realistic feel
  • Wider platform for ease of use (9.5cm x 25cm)

It is recommended to use the Yellow (soft) band for single jumps and the Red (hard) band for double and triple jumps.  Remove the bands to practice spins.

The Edea E-Spinner can also be used by roller skaters because of how closely it simulates the feel of edges.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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