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PIC Skates

Pic Skates are a type of artistic inline skate with one very important difference – they are designed to mimic figure skates.  Unlike other inline skates, the alignment of the wheels of a Pic Inline Skate replicates the rocker of a figure skating blade.  As a result, a Pic Skate performs like an ice skate and is an excellent off-ice training tool for figure skaters (just no Hockey Stops or Forward “T’s”).    Use them to train when off-ice or when ice simply isn’t available.

Due to the Pic Skate’s unique design, the skater is able to experience their inside, outside, and center edges; and with the frame set (frame and wheels) properly mounted to a pair of figure skating boots, virtually every maneuver and jump up through the double axel can be performed.  As a matter of fact, the Pic Skate invention has led to the new sport of Inline Figure Skating with open competitions across the world.

See a Pic Skate in action.:

Pic Skates are the lightest weight inline artistic skate on the market and provide a smoother ride than its competitors.  Skating on level surfaces like roller rinks, basketball courts, tennis courts, and the like, are recommended because wheels and toe stops/pics tend to wear out quickly on rough or uneven surfaces.  Make sure and wear protective gear!

Below, we've listed the pic frames and accessories that are available.  If desired, Houston Skate & Sports Orthotics Center can mount your new frame set to your skating boots for you.
Take into account what it is you want to do with your pic skates when considering the boots you want to put them on - not all skate boots are designed for jumping!  If you need help choosing the frame that's best for you, see our Blog post on Which Model Should You Choose or let us know - we can help.



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