Jerry's Skating World just came out with their new 2024 catalog and are in the process of making their new dresses (not all dresses are currently available).  If we don't already have the dress in stock and you are in a hurry, please contact us prior to placing your order so we can determine if we can meet your timeline.

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Figure Skates

Figure Skates

We are Authorized Figure Skate Dealers for Aura, Edea, Harlick, Jackson, Riedell, and Risport.  The differences in material and design among manufacturers cause each brand and even different models within the same brand to fit differently.  As a result, it is extremely difficult to buy the right skate online.  Even skates that have been recommended to you or work well for others do not always work for you because of intricacies of the body.  Please schedule an appointment to see us in person, or if you live out of town and cannot see us, we encourage you to visit your closest figure skate shop to receive an a professional fitting.   


We offer complimentary professional fittings, dynamic blade alignments, comfort adjustments, and initial sharpenings on all skates and blades purchased from Houston Skate & Sports Orthotics Center!
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