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Professional Figure Skate Fitting
Professional Skate Fittings
We take the time to completely evaluate each and every one of our skaters. Our skate fittings include evaluation, customization, and education.

Skate Orthotics
Depending on the individual foot and situation, we use either prefabricated orthotics or State of the Art Technology to customize skate orthotics for athletes of all ages to provide balance, comfort, and better control.
Skate Orthotics

Figure Skate Sharpening
Skate Sharpenings

We have 15+ years of experience sharpening skates for both beginner and advanced figure skaters and use a machine designed specifically for figure skates in order to achieve premium sharpenings and prolonged blade life.  Skates can be dropped off and picked up later or completed during your appointment.  We also sharpen recreational hockey skates.

Skating Apparel & Accessories
Stocking a wide range and selection of figure skating dresses, jackets, pants, skating tights, skate bags and other skating accessories.
Skating Tights

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