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Microfiber Skate Towel

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Product Overview

Microfiber Skate Towel

As you know, it's important to keep your skate blades dry and free of rust.

This terry fabric type towel has hundreds of thousands of split fibers that allow the towel to absorb water and ice quickly and easily - in as little as one to two passes.

Measuring 16" x 16", the towel is extremely durable when cared for properly and comes with a mesh drawstring bag included to allow for drying.  For ease of use, a carabiner clip attached to the mesh bag allows you to clip your towel to your skate bag.

Care instructions:

  • Wash in warm or hot water with mild detergent
  • No fabric softener - will clog the fibers and destroy the absorption powers
  • Do not wash with cotton garments (lint!)
  • Air dry

Webmaster note:  Ran a test on this towel myself by taking a blade and running it under the water in the sink.  One wipe with this towel and it was dry!  No rubbing back and forth as I've seen/done with other towels!  Highly impressed!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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