Tuff Terry Blade Covers

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Not all colors available at all times. Enter your top three color choices in order below or call and we will try and get your top choice(s).

Product Overview

Tuff Terry Blade Covers

One of the most important skating accessories, these soakers are reinforced with polypropylene to prevent holes and cutting by the blade and toepick. Made of terry cloth, these blade covers soak up moisture and help protect your blade from rust and corrosion.

Offered in a variety of colors and three different sizes.

Small; - fits skate size up to size 1 in hockey and 13 in figure
Medium - fits skate size up to size 6 in hockey and 5 in figure
Large - fits skate size 7+ in hockey and 6+ in figure




Note that not all colors may be available at all times.  Enter your your top three choices in order and we will do our best to secure your color for you.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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