Mens Edea Ice Fly

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A Virtual Fitting is required before purchasing this product.

Product Overview

Mens Edea Ice Fly

Recommended for Double, Triple and Quad jumps.

The Edea Ice Fly is made with new ultra lightweight materials making it 25% to 45% lighter than traditional "light" skating boots.  The microfibre AirTech lining is anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, and quick drying.  Edea skates feature interior memory foam padding and a thermoformable carbon fiber exteriors that can be shaped to make a custom fit to give the best comfort and control.   

The sole of the boot is composed of molded Nylon fiberglass that will not absorb water but does offer a small amount of vertical compression to absorb landings and provide long wear comfort.

The carbon fiber exterior is not like leather - it will not stretch and adjust to the shape of the foot over time.  Consequently, it will initially need to be molded using heat in order to eliminate any discomfort or alleviate any uncomfortable pressure points.  However, this boot is known to be a comfortable boot with a relatively short break-in period.

Skates are extremely difficult to fit online, even with the use of a sizing chart as different model skates differ from one another in their fit.  To save you time and expense dealing with returns, Virtual Fitting is required prior to purchasing this product. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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