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Edea Classica


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Product Overview

Edea Classica Roller Skate Boot

Designed for high end performance dance, the Edea Classica features soft support construction that allows for extra flexibility and maneuverability.  Because of its soft constuction, the Classica is also suitable for general roller use.  Made of Ultra lightweight materials, it is 25%-45% lighter than comparable skating boots.  

This boot features:

  • Anatomically shaped memory foam padding
  • Ventilated sole promotes cooling and discourages bacteria
  • Anatomically shaped tongue
  • Requires zero break-in time

May require the use of a power wedge when mounting a flat roller frame.

Edea stiffness rating of 30.

225 - 280 (White)
225 - 310 (Black)

For informational purposes only - not for online purchase. 

Skates are extremely difficult to fit online, even with the use of a sizing chart as different model skates differ from one another in their fit.  Plus, individual issues inherent to your own feet cannot be addressed.  We recommend setting an appointment to see us or visiting your local skate shop to receive an in-person professional fitting.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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