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Edea Noene Anti Shock Insoles


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Edea Noene Anti Shock Insoles

Tests have shown the impact of jumping is 7 to 8 times your body weight.  Skating surfaces (ice and roller) are hard and absorb very little impact which means those impact forces are reflected back to the skaters body to absorb.  Long term, these shock waves can cause joint damage, heel spurs, shin splints, soreness and more.

These extra light, 1mm Noene insoles disperse up to 43% (63% if doubled) of the impact horizontally away from the body, reducing the amount of impact the body has to absorb.

Considered a Class 1 Medical Device, this insole should be placed inside the boot under any existing insole or orthotic.  Can be handwashed with soap, warm water and a sponge.

Can be used for footwear other than skates.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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