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Now you can roll when not on the ice!

RollerGards take blade guards to the next level.  By incorporating wheels and bearings on a one piece guard, you can now skate around the rink off ice.  Great for getting to and from the rink, these guards are equipped with durable 89A indoor/outdoor wheels so they can be used on any flat surface - concrete, tile, blacktop, over cracks, sidewalk, etc.  In addition, the "Floating Blade System" design keeps the blade from touching the bottom of the guard, thereby prolonging blade life.  The guard provides a secure fit and side moisture drainage.

For growing skaters, the guard portion itself can upsized later and broken/worn parts can be replaced - no need to buy an a whole new system.

Roc-N-RollerGard system includes guards, wheels, ABEC-5 bearings, and straps and can be adjusted to fit most sizes no larger than 9.5.

Recommended for skaters less than 200 pounds.

Fits most blade sizes from Girls 13 thru Ladies size 10.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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