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Battery Powered Heated Socks


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Product Overview

Heated Skate Socks

Designed for those with cold feet, these socks incorporate a heating element and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Made of a combination of wool and other fibers that are designed to conduct and radiate heat, these socks feature 3 different heat settings that diffuse directly underneath the foot, thereby providing a gentle, constant, and evenly distributed heat for perfect comfort.  Contains silver ions that optimize sweat management and maximize cooling through evaporation.

Compact battery features a Sockclip system.

Easy use and easy washing.
Battery provides up to 16 hours of constant warmth. 

The "coolest" thing about these socks is that they are bluetooth compatible.  Regulate their temperature from your phone!



Small - women's shoe size 4 - 6

Medium - women's shoe size 6.5 - 8

Large -  women's shoe size 8.5 - 10

XLarge - up to men's size 13


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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