COVID-19 Policy


We are open for business and would like to ensure all our customers and employees are protected as much possible in this time of uncertainty.


We are strictly adhering to the Texas Government guidelines to re-open Texas and will continue to practice safe physical distancing.  Please read the following new policies before you arrive. They will be updated if conditions change.


  1. Every person entering the Center must wear some form of face cover; ie mask, bandana, cloth. No exceptions!
  2. We are asking everyone who enters to please wash your hands upon entering the Center.
  3. Only the skater and one accompanying adult will be permitted to enter the business. Other adults will not be allowed to enter.  Siblings are discouraged from entering, but will be permitted provided there is no other options for childcare. Siblings will be restricted to the front waiting area only and must wear a mask.
  4. Although we will continue to provide the quality and thorough evaluations during fittings, we will exercise practical physical distancing and call upon the parent (if applicable) to help assist in the fitting process.
  5. To limit the number or people in the Center at one time, we will perform only 2 fitting appointments simultaneously which will allow ample physical space between all individuals.
  6. Customers who are in need of purchasing products in addition to, or other than skates, ie tights, dress, spinner, can do so but we are asking that you call ahead to make sure we are available and that there will be a limited number of people in the Center when you arrive.
  7. Local skaters may be asked to return for a final fitting and delivery during a second appointment if we have several appointments scheduled for that day.   However, if all services are performed during that time rather than during a second appointment, the skater may need to leave the building and return a bit later if scheduled appointments with other skaters would conflict.
  8. Out of town customers (outside greater Houston) can be seen for the evaluation, fitting, and delivery in the same appointment. We will spread out the appointments times to limit the amount of people in the Center at the same time.


If you feel you cannot abide or agree with these new policies, we completely understand.  However, we will ask that you to wait until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted before scheduling your appointment.

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